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The Wambas are a Galactik Football team and appeared to have been strong favorites in previous years. The Wambas players all have grey skin, have four fingers and three toes. Their captain is Woowamboo and their flux is the Roar.


The Wambas are a good natured team who play fairly and strongly, there was a period known as the Wambarian Golden Age when the team was apparently at its best and most likely won the Galactik Football Cup. In the present, the Wambas are classified as one of the weaker teams in the competitions even though they usually perform rather well.

The Wambas were the first team that the Snow Kids faced in an official match, during which Tia was badly hurt by a tackle from Zeaga and Dame Simbai joined as the teams medic. It also appears that The Snow Kids are on good terms with the Wambas as after their match in the second series, the Wambas come to the Snow Kids locker room and congradulate them in person.


Former players

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