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Thran is a defensive player for the Snow Kids and Ahito's older brother. He is the third person to use the Breath of Akillian and is the only one besides Rocket and Mei who is seen using it as a shield against other fluxes. He has a strong friendship with Clamp.


At birth, both Thran and Ahito were contanimated by a terrible fever, which would later manifest to be the Metaflux. They grew to be great friends with D'Jok, Micro-Ice and Mark.

Upon trying out for defense in the tryouts, Thran became a defensive player for the Snow Kids and was the smartest one among them besides Clamp. In the Finals, he tried a kick against Senex, but failed when he hit the goal posts.

He cares for Ahito when he falls sick in the second season and calls him multiple times during his time on Akillian. He asked Aarch if Yuki, their cousin could play on the Snow Kids and he accepted, supporting them both. He promised not to tell Aarch and Dame Simbai about his sickness, but was forced to accept it. In the Finals, Thran scored goal number one against the Xenons in the penalty-shootout.

He gets against Ahito a bit in season 3 where he abandons him to the girl with a crush on him with Mark. He also gets to play in the Paradisian All-Stars on the Yellow Team.

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