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Micro-Ice is a striker and former midfielder for the Snow Kids. He also seems to be a boyfriend for Yuki and Zoeleene.


Micro-Ice was born to Mana-Ice at birth right after the Akillian Ice Age. It is unknown who his father was, but what is known is that he was contaminated by the Metaflux at birth. He also became strong friends with Ahito, Thran, D'Jok and Mark.

He volenteered to sell some tickets for a gang leader called Bellow, but lost them. He tried to make an excuse by giving him some fake tickets, but he was exposed when it rained. He was the first to meet Aarch when he returned, and it became clear that Sinedd had stolen them, but Bellow continued to resent him because of a fight in Planet Akillian, where Mana-Ice worked. It was Micro-Ice who found Aarch at the old Akillian Stadium and stayed for the tryouts after falling in love with an ambitious girl called Mei. He successfully made it onto the team as a midfielder and after Tia returned, he was given the position of striker alongside D'Jok.

D'Jok started to date Mei, which caused Micro-Ice to turn against D'Jok. Eventually, he abandoned the team and joined the Pirates, which caused the Snow Kids to lose against the Shadows. This made Micro-Ice realize his mistake and rejoin the team, and made the winning goal against the Shadows in their return match. On Genesis Stdium, he became friends with Mei, and taught her how to stand up to her mother. He also fell in love with a girl called Zoeleene, later trying a kick against Senex, but failed.

In season 2, Micro-Ice meets a girl called Yuki, who is Thran and Ahito's cousin and develops a crush on her. They become friends and in the Finals, Micro-Ice tries a free kick against the Xenons, but "chokes" and misses, which people call a "gift" for the Xenons.

In season 3, Micro-Ice has a tough time on Paradisia, where Yuki leaves to join the Elektras, he doesn't get picked for the Paradisian All-Stars and loses his shorts. Even worse, Kernor throws him off Sidney in rage for him dropping his shorts on her ice cream and his day gets worse. However, it gets better when Zoleene comes to Paradisia and they start dating again. He does the first goal against the Pirates in the first match in the Paradisian Tournament

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