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Artegor Nexus

Artegor Nexus is the former Akillian and Shadow football player and former coach of the Shadows and the Red Tigers. He now works in a community with Aarch on the Snow Kids.


Artegor's past is mostly unknown. All that is known is that he joined the Akillians and became friends with Aarch. He was a midfielder and after the Ice Age, he and Aarch left to join the Shadows, but had to swap the Breath of Akillian for the Shadows' Smog. This changed him and his friendship with Aarch ended when he refused to work with him in the match against the Cyclops.

Artegor later became coach of the Red Tigers, but was enraged because they couldn't battle the Rykers. 15 years after the Ice Age, he hired a gang leader called Bellow to get rid of Aarch, but failed. Aarch then proposed a match to determine which of the two teams would represent Akillian in the Cup, but Artegor tried to get Tia out of his team because she had the Breath and succeeded, but returned for the second half and Artegor lost 4-3. He then left the Red Tigers and recuited Sinedd to the Shadows.

Artegor managed to defeat Aarch in the Akillian match because of Micro-Ice's absence, but lost the second on the Shadow Archipelago. Since they came in first, the Shadows made it to the Final 16 and the Finals. However, they lost 2-1 and Artegor was enraged, although he let Baldwin use his communications to stop Sinedd. 4 years later, Artegor was pleased when Aarch gave him an opportunity to beat the Snow Kids with a friendly, but ended in a draw.

Artegor made it into the Final 16 and was winning 2-0 against the Pirates when the Shadows lost the Smog and lost 7-2. The Pirates were disqualified, but Artegor refused to put the Shadows to the semi-finals due to the loss of the Smog. He was cured of his sickness by Aarch and Dame Simbai and he temporarily joined the Snow Kids as a training assistant coach until the Smog returned and they lost 5-3 to the Xenons. A year later, he worked in a co-operation on the Snow Kids with Aarch and gave the position of captain back to Rocket.